About IDGod

IDGod the #1 fake id maker online is idgod.COM since 2004!

Please do not confuse us for idgod.this or idgod.that

Several hundred fake ids for customers made by IDGod.Now in the light of an epidemic of scams using our name IDGod with an impeccable reputation for quality and delivering. We are calling them out and warning others not to be fooled. Not to mention the emails we receive from customers who were tricked by imposter IDGod sites receiving nothing or cheap low quality ids that are confiscated upon first use is disheartening.

When you doubt us simply check our idgod.com whois! We IDGod at idgod.com have been registered and making IDs since 2004! Compare to .this and .that all of which have been registered for just a few years to a few months.

IDGod.com reviews

Additionally, we do not own any fake id review sites to point you to like the blatant scams or cheap price/quality sites to play pretend customer and make up their own reviews. We hope you can forgive us for not deceiving you. Instead, we thought best to post just a few links out of many to news articles.

thestate.com Video of store clerk scanning and checking against the Bar Book our West Virginia fake ids. Admits he can’t detect our ids as fake!

thebrownandwhite.com Quote: “Everyone in college now has an ID from IDGod, and these IDs get scanned. So, it’s hard for us to keep underage people out.” In other words our scannable fake ids work!

loyolaphoenix.com Quote: “While there are students getting caught by these bars, there are still students getting past the door. Identifying fake IDs is becoming more difficult because of increased holographic and scanning technology from vendors such as IDGod, a website that sells fake IDs.” In other words buy from IDGod and get past the door!

isubengal.com Quote: “Thanks to their IDGod licenses, both Davis and James, whose names have been changed to protect their anonymity, have effectively been over 21 for several years.” In other words using fakes we made for years without issue!

…And the list goes on.