Pennsylvania Fake ID

Pennsylvania fake id card made by IDGod
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Fake ID Description

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Pennsylvania fake id features a detailed background of fine-line patterns together with numerous locations of flawless microprint in a word is perfect.

Tricolor optical variable ink hologram design repeated across the front consisting of  the state motto words Virtue, Liberty (in cursive), and Independence. Continued, Keystone outline and 1787 (when PA became a state).

Ultraviolet design under blacklight features two line wave patterns across the top and bottom of the card. Also, triple keystone outlines across the middles of the card.

Perforated keystone with “PA” inside is located over the ghost image. Viewed best when light is directed behind the card to see the perforation shine as shown in the image below.

Furthermore, the backside of the Pennsylvania fake id includes a wave pattern fine-line design with Pennsylvania 1787 and keystone.

Lastly, printed birth date top left corner, and scannable barcodes always encoded correctly to scan. Noteworthy, card is now printed with Real ID compliant star.

Fake ID Features

Expiration 4 years one day after birth date
Card Stock Teslin
DL Number Format 8 numbers