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Best Illinois fake id card with microprint not only in the card design, but also over the cardholder images. Hence,  we included three magnified images below to view areas of microprint in the card design. Likewise, background images include president Lincoln, state seal in center of card, and more shown in images below. Most noteworthy, polycarbonate card material is unique in that it will make when dropped a distinct sound like dropping a CD on its edge. Perforated design of the state outline shines precisely as it should when light is directed to the card backside.  Flawless OVI Hologram design consisting of three dots, city-scape, words “ILLINOIS”, “SECRETARY OF STATE” and “LAND OF LINCOLN” reflect identical vs real when tilted back and forth. UV design includes a ribbon pattern across the front of the card and top hat appears on the background design of Lincoln’s head when put under blacklight. Also, UV ghost image and cardholder birth date is located on the back of the card as shown below. Even more, scannable 1D and 2D barcodes on the back of card. Furthermore, backside design includes ribbon pattern, state outline, capitol building, and another printing of the card holder birth date. Noteworthy, card is now printed with Real ID compliant star.

Illinois fake id card made by IDGod

Illinois card front with ghost image and OVI holograms.

Illinois scannable fake id card backside encoded barcodes

Scannable card backside with encoded barcodes.

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Illinois Fake ID Card Specifics:

  • Expiration: 4 years on birth date
  • Card Stock: Polycarbonate
  • DL Number Format: 1 letter then 11 numbers
Illinois fake id UV design glows identical to real under blacklight

Card UV design under blacklight.

UV cardholder image and birth date glows under blacklight on the card backside.

Perforated Illinois state outline shines clear and precise.


Microprint visible under magnification in the top of card design.

Microprint visible under magnification in the card design part of the ribbon.

Microprint visible under magnification in the card design located below the ghost image.

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