Wyoming Fake ID

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Fake Wyoming id featuring ghost image with overlapping signature. First, hologram overlay design consists of repeated WYOMING, state seals, and rider on bucking horse. Second, Card front UV design under blacklight shows over the cardholder main image full name with birth date. Additionally, UV ghost image to the right of the visible ghost image. Fake id card backside UV under blacklight as shown below features the liberty bell with crack and to the right a bucking horse with cowboy holding his hat. Lastly, backside has a large 2D barcode which is always correctly formatted with cardholder data. Noteworthy, card is now printed with Real ID compliant star.

Fake Wyoming id with ghost image.

Wyoming scannable fake id with encoded 2D barcode.

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Wyoming Fake ID Card Specifics:

  • Expiration: 4 years on birth date
  • Card Stock: teslin
  • DL Number Format: 9 numbers

Wyoming id card UV design under blacklight.

Wyoming id card backside UV design under blacklight.

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