Colorado Fake ID

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Great fake id card with wave text of the cardholders name and birth date. Real id black circle with star inside and window ghost image. Vertical clear raised Customer Identifier number to the left of main face image. OVI hologram design is perfect with a large blue columbine state flower and smaller ones repeated. Large OVI text “STATE OF COLORADO” and fine lines across the card complete the feature. UV design of outlining background mountains. Colorado state logos, large text “COLORADO” center of card, and wave line of  “STATE OF COLORADO” repeated text. UV glows identical vs real issued under blacklight. Card backside UV design shown in the image below. Raised laser heated carbon creating black color signature and other text data. Scannable fake id backside with encoded magnetic stripe and 2D barcode.

Colorado fake id made by IDGod

Current issued real id compliant star and ghost window.

Colorado scannable fake id with encoded magnetic stripe and barcode

Scannable with encoded 2D barcode and magnetic stripe.

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Colorado Fake ID Card Specifics:

  • Expiration: 5 years on birth date
  • Card Stock: Polycarbonate
  • Customer Identifier Format: 9 numbers
  • DD (Document Discriminator): Coded to identify where and when the card was issued
Colorado fake id UV under blacklight

Card front UV design under blacklight.

Colorado fake id backside UV under blacklight

Card backside UV design under blacklight.

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