Fake ID Maker


Idgod makes every fake id template from scratch producing the highest quality fake ids that we are famous. Idgod has over 17 years of experience ensuring down to each pixel our meticulous crafted fakes are identical vs real issued.

Fake ID cards with optical variable ink

Identical to real?

US states all now use teslin, polycarbonate, or a composite of the two for printing the real issued cards. Do you know how vital using the correct card material is? IDs printed on polycarbonate when dropped on its edge make a distinct cling like a compact disk. No cling and you know it is a fake id without even looking at the card. In contrast, the few other actual id makers online do not even use polycarbonate for which many state are now printed with the new styles to be Real ID compliant. We are not trying to down talk any id maker who actually delivers the best they can produce. However, Idgod is saying there is a difference in quality.

You get what you pay for when you buy fake id from Idgod!

Would you rather order one time and never have your fake taken? Alternatively, buy the cheapest you can find (hope they are legit and deliver). Consequently, be back online looking to buy again due to the first decently trained doorman detects your fake? Choice is yours, but we do ask you make us one promise. Above all, never do a group order first time out with a cheap site. You will thank us for this advice later by not having your best friends pissed at you.