Answers to the most frequently asked questions when ordering from IDGod.

Order form & Customer account?

To order your fake ids please first register a customer account. Your account will keep track of all orders submitted and provide status updates. Make 100% sure you save email and password! We do not use a recovery option for security reasons, so if you lose it, IDGod can not recover it for you.

In your account you will see summaries of each fake id you ordered.

Under the "Status" in your account will change as your order proceeds. Status meanings:

  • Payment Pending - Waiting for you to make payment or for IDGod to verify payment. Bitcoin is automatically updated while Zelle and WU are manual.
  • Payment Received - IDGod has verified payment received.
  • In Progress - Order is in the process of being made and shipped.
  • Tracking - Final update will be the tracking number of shipment. You can enter the tracking number on the shipper website we used to check progress.
  • Bad Photo Contact Support - This rare status update is by the IDGod team member that is ready to make your order, but finds your cardholder image corrupted. The cause is during the uploading of your cardholder image on the order form. To fix the issue use the customer support contact form¬†providing your Order ID # and upload your Cardholder image. Customer service will confirm updating the cardholder image and your order will go back first up to be made.
Arrival Time?

Average delivery is 2-3 weeks from the time your order status is updated to Payment Received (usually same day you make payment). We have a large staff that is dedicated to making your order as fast as possible. Please do not email asking if we can guarantee delivery by a certain date, the answer is no. When you need your ids fast order now. When you need it as fast as possible use our express service as explained in the next expandable question below "Express orders?".

All orders are shipped with a tracking number and will be posted in your customer account. You can then check for updates from the shippers website with the tracking number.

Our order system is automated with shipping label printed exactly as you typed it. Delivery to the wrong address due to the shippers fault we will remake free of charge. Undeliverable or delivered to the wrong address due to you giving an incorrect shipping address is not our fault nor will we remake for free. Double check your shipping address on the order form and all information for that matter before submitting.

Ensure the shipping address provided you will be at or have someone there to collect mail on your behalf for 30 days from the time you order. Orders 99.9% of the time arrive in 2-3 weeks without issue. Please exercise patience and not contact us about an order update. Unless, 21 days have passed since you received your tracking number and order has not arrived.

Express orders?

Express orders you add $50 for 1 fake id and $100 for 2 or more fake ids to your order total.

IDGod's fake ids are in huge demand known to be the best made fake ids online for over 15 years that will not be taken. Shortly after opening we were offered extra payment to have customer orders put at the front of the line. To accept such offers would honestly result in other customers never having their order made. IDGod decided to create a fair express service as explained below. You should read the express service details before paying for it.

What does express service offer you?

It enures your order arrives faster than not paying for express. It is not a guaranteed arrival date and will still take time until your order is made, and shipped. IDGod has dedicated fake id maker team members who exclusively make express paid orders.

The best analogy we can compare our express service to is one of an amusement park. You pay an extra fee for the "fast pass" to cut the normal line for a much shorter line to get on the rides. For example instead of waiting 2 hours in line, you wait 20 minutes to get on the park ride. Our express service is the same concept.

We of course do the best we can, but the normal wait can be several weeks until shipped. When extremely busy IDGod wait time tops out at 3-4 weeks.

With express service on average your wait time for delivery is two weeks. When you need your order as fast as possible this is the best option IDGod can offer to help you and be fair to all.

How do you ship?

We use a variety of shippers USPS, FedEx, DHL, Etc. Yes, we do ship to PO Boxes. Our goal is to get your order to you as fast as possible, but detailing methods to do so on our site is not wise for security reasons. Please respect this.

Image for your fake id?

This is very important, so much so we wrote a tutorial that we hope every customer will read before they order.

Group discounts?

When you have a group 0f 20+ use our contact form to contact IDGod. When possible detail the number of IDs you want to buy, the state(s) you want to be made, and the date you would order by. Depending on how busy we are we can at times offer you a discount.

Make money as a reseller?

When you can commit to 10+ orders a week contact us. Working a low pay job to get through college? Live in an immigrant community? Huge income potential for the savvy entrepreneur.

You scammed me?

We have faithfully made and delivered every order for over 10 years in 1-3 weeks on average. IDGod is the most popular and trusted name for quality fake ids PERIOD.

To say every order we ever made arrived in under 3 weeks would be a lie. Same as with any business things happen, wish they did not, but they do. We can assure you we will not leave you in the dark in rare instances when there is a delay. IDGod's customer service team is here before, during, and after you receive your order. That we can promise!

Do not confuse us for the out right scams or low quality cheap sites that leech off our good reputation. See our About IDGod page for more information.

Your signature?

You can use our online signature pad or upload an image of your signature. We suggest using our signature pad. Remember your signature should not look like it does on paper as all state locations to apply for your license use a signature pad.

When doing a group order and in charge of submitting orders you can always look at the other signatures in your group and replicate them on the signature pad.

Alternatively, you can upload the signature image and we will overlay on our signature pad to trace.

Bend test?

Please do not bend your fake id it can make a permanent crease, just as it would on a real issued. We can not remake you a free id, if you do this.

The "bend test" is from back in the day when real issued were made of PVC done to catch fakes of a different PVC card grade that would snap or crease. Teslin and polycarbonate are flexible, but not meant to be subjected to the outdated bend test as they can crease.

Ignorant id maker edge to edge bending images to "show off" are actually showing they are uninformed using cheap PVC card stock to print their ids. Just one example out of many cheap quality sites below. Georgia last issued cards made with PVC around 10 years ago!

Other cheap fake id maker doing the outdated bend test.Fake id from a cheap id maker showing the outdated bend test.

Scannable fake ids?

Every fake id IDGod makes includes correctly encoded magnetic stripe and/or correctly formatted printing of barcodes that will pass any advanced scanner.

Review IDGod?

We are inviting customers to send us honest video reviews and when opening your package. In return we can offer free fake ids that you can transfer to friends or order yourself and sell for profit. When interested in this offer please contact us after you received your order, but do not forget to video it when opening.

IDGod will make it simple when sending us a video review. Throughout the entire video will be edited to scramble data and image on your IDGod fake ids. In addition, at your request we can scramble reviewer(s) face, if shown in the video.

We do show a video on our channel (see our video page) that was posted originally to youtube. We did not solicit the kind review from the two customers and they did not even notify us after doing so. Please know, if they submitted to IDGod first, we would of edited as described above before posting on a safe decentralized platform. We highly discourage anyone posting a video to any social media account. Even when edited to protect privacy the account is still linked to you. Doubtful any issue would ever arise, but best to be smart about it.

Image upload error fix?

Error Invalid File Extension is due to your image file format. We can only accept .jpg or .png image files please. Also, image file can be a maximum of 3MB.

To instantly fix converting your image or file size you can use these free sites or