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Oregon fake id card made by IDGod
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Oregon fake id tricolor hologram features a large cluster of small state grape flowers and vine with leaves at the top right area of card. In addition, an outline of the Osprey state bird. Likewise, a state outline inside of which are outlined counties with the name of each printed inside. Next, “Oregon” printed in the top left and again in another font in the middle of the card. Lastly, over the main cardholder image 3 wave lines, strip with text, and more.

The ultraviolet design is based on the hologram design with added and removed features. Under blacklight the ultraviolet design of the state bird becomes solid and the names or the Oregon counties do not appear.

Microprint on the license is boxed around the ghost image and one line on the back.

Oregon fake id backside features a background design of Mount Hood, fine-line pattern, laser tactile raised birth date.

Scannable barcodes makes this one flawless Oregon ID. Noteworthy, card is now printed with Real ID complaint star.

Fake ID Features

Expiration 4 years on birth date
Card Stock Polycarbonate composite
DL Number Format 7 numbers or 1 letter and 6 numbers