New Mexico Fake ID

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Best fake New Mexico id with ghost image including fine-lines and microprint in the design. First, tricolor OVI hologram design of repeated diagonal NEW MEXICO, native American symbols, and two rows of squares across the bottom. Second, laser perforated Zia design shines identical vs real when light is direct to the back of the card. Third, UV design is the same as the OVI hologram design with a few exceptions. Comparatively, NEW glows of NEW MEXICO and then on the next repeated state name MEXICO glows. Additionally, the diamonds inside the symbols glow and the lower row of the two small square rows of boxes glows flawlessly under blacklight. Equally important the backside includes a solid state outline and vertical printed birth date to the left. Furthermore, New Mexico scannable fake id features encoded printing of 1D and 2D barcodes. Noteworthy, card is now printed with Real ID compliant star.

Illinois fake id card made by IDGod

Illinois card front with ghost image and OVI holograms.

Illinois scannable fake id card backside encoded barcodes

Scannable card backside with encoded barcodes.

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New Mexico Fake ID Card Specifics:

  • Expiration: 4 years on birth date
  • Card Stock: Teslin
  • DL Number Format: 9 numbers
Illinois fake id UV design glows identical to real under blacklight

Card UV design under blacklight.

UV cardholder image and birth date glows under blacklight on the card backside.

Perforated Illinois state outline shines clear and precise.


Microprint visible under magnification in the top of card design.

Microprint visible under magnification in the card design part of the ribbon.

Microprint visible under magnification in the card design located below the ghost image.

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