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Best fake Ohio id featuring rainbow printing, microprint, large state seal, many fine-line waves, and patterns in the background design. First, embedded OVD solid state outline changes color when tilted and darken print of birth date year. Likewise, bottom right of card lenticular lens feature that changes when tilted of ghost image, license number, signature, and birth date. Also, vertical raised tactile birth date left side of main cardholder image and tactile birth date below signature. Second, backside includes wave text of cardholder last name, birth date, and license number. Similarly, microprint line of repeated cardholder data and microprint used in the back of card background design. Third, tricolor UV design on the front of the card that overlaps the main card holder image made up of a 3D font of OHIO in the lower center of the card. Next, above the 3D OHIO is a curved two color switching pattern of rectangle shapes together with four curved rows of edge to edge text STATE OF OHIO-OH in two rotating colors, and state seal. Furthermore, Ohio scannable fake id includes encoded magnetic stripe coupled with printed encoded 2D barcode that reads the same vs real on advanced scanners of cardholder data. Also, color ghost image to the right of the 2D barcode. Noteworthy, card is now printed with Real ID compliant star.

Illinois fake id card made by IDGod

Illinois card front with ghost image and OVI holograms.

Illinois scannable fake id card backside encoded barcodes

Scannable card backside with encoded barcodes.

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Ohio Fake ID Card Specifics:

  • Expiration: 8 years on birth date
  • Card Stock: Polycarbonate
  • DL Number Format: 2 letters then 6 numbers
Illinois fake id UV design glows identical to real under blacklight

Card UV design under blacklight.

UV cardholder image and birth date glows under blacklight on the card backside.

Perforated Illinois state outline shines clear and precise.


Under magnification microprint located at the top of card design.

Microprint visible under magnification in the card design part of the ribbon.

Below the ghost image under magnification microprint shown in the card design.

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