Massachusetts Fake ID


Massachusetts fake id featuring a large foil optical variable device. Raised cardholder birth date and design featuring the state capitol and state outline. Fine-line background design with perforated state outline and ultraviolet design in yellow-gold color. On the backside of the card is a printed birth date and scannable 2D barcode.

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Some fields below are not on the real license as it varies by state. Rest assured data will not be printed on your fake id when the field is not on the real license.
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Best Massachusetts fake id featuring a large designed foil optical variable device. Foil OVD design of the state flower, bird with card holder initials, and last two digits of birth year.

Raised cardholder birth date on the card front lower right side. Next, front background design featuring state capitol, state outline, fine-line background design in muted shades of blue, green, and red.

Perforated state outline precisely located and shines flawlessly when light is directed to the back of the card.

Ultraviolet design outing parts of the background design in yellow-gold color of the state capitol, gate, state outline, and text “MASSACHUSETTS” under the cardholder signature area. Ultraviolet fine line pattern from card edge to edge.

Card backside features fine-line pattern edge to edge, printed birth date, and scannable 2D barcode. Noteworthy, fake id is now printed with the Real ID compliant star.

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