Washington Fake ID

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Fake Washington id features embedded foil tree and ghost image with overlapping data. First, OVI hologram design of Washington repeated twice and three state seals. Second, UV design on the front consisting of wave lines overlapping the background design as shown in the image below under blacklight. Also, Washington repeated twice and three state seals same location as OVI. Third, backside UV of three state seals in the same location as the printed seal images glow identical vs real under blacklight. Lastly, birth date is printed on the backside of card and three state seals. Washington scannable fake id includes encoded 1D and 2D barcodes encoded on the back of card.

Washington fake driver license with ghost image.

Washington scannable fake id card backside with printed barcodes.

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Washington Fake ID Card Specifics:

  • Expiration: 6 years on birth date
  • Card Stock: Teslin
  • DL Number Format: 12 characters coded

UV design under blacklight.

Card backside under blacklight showing UV state seals.

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